Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 224 - It's been a contemplative sort of day - Required 616000, Achieved 612573

But the days off have been really helping for the purpose of catching up with where I need to be on the wordcount.  Really sorry that I'm not making Gencon this year, it was truly amazing last year and I'm going to try and make it back next year if I can.

Preparations for Worldcon are nearly complete, which is a good thing because it's two days away and there's a bunch of things that need to be worked on between now and then, particularly with regards to the backup games options that I'm preparing in case the main plan fails.

There's not much else to say, the death of Robin Williams has hit me harder than I perhaps thought it might, unexpected is often the way these things are, and as a result, there's no plan to deal with how you feel about them.

But life goes on, not for all of us to be sure and not forever, so...

This is John Dodd in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire, and thank you Mr Williams, wherever you are...