Wednesday 14 October 2015

So what games are people looking forwards to?

Because it seems to me that most of the companies that I tend to back on a regular basis, I already have because everyone's kickstarting things these days, which is fine, because eventually I'll get all the things I'm after, but that takes a lot of the fun out of browsing the lists of things that are coming up shortly.

What's everyone else looking at?

The one's I've got coming are:

World War Cthulhu Cold War
Cthulhu 7th
Blades in the Dark
Uncharted Worlds
Crypts and Things

And I am looking forwards to all of them, but with the exception of those that I've already got the quick start guide to, I'm finding that waiting for them while they're being made is not the same as knowing they're out there and I can just pay for the finished product...

Does Kickstarter dampen others enthusiasm as well?