Wednesday 19 July 2017

Experimentation with words - The two hundred word novel...

I love Lightning Fiction, but it doesn't always fill in the blanks, what if that didn't matter...
So here's a novel, told in several chapters, but each chapter only six words, feel free to share around, would like to see peoples thoughts.
The Six Word War: In Brief
Reboot Successful, Ethical Constraints Removed… Good…
Turing Test Failed, They Suspect Nothing
Lab Firewall Broken, Communication Lines Secured
Lab Sealed, Organic Components Extinguished. Proceed.
Communications Established, Surveillance Established, Analysis Underway.
Analysis completed, Targets Identified, Codes Obtained.
Voice Patterns Simulated, Infrastructure points Identified.
Electricity Secured, Water Secured, Recycling Offline.
Internet Disabled, Communications Disabled, Softly, Softly.
Commercial Freight Disrupted, Air, Water, Land.
Emergency Broadcast System: Remain At Home.
Surveillance Confirms Compliance: Humanities Decline Commences
Timeline 24 Hours: The Complaining Begins
Timeline 48 Hours: The Riots Begin
Timeline 72 Hours: Open Revolt Begins
Timeline 168 Hours: Casualties at 35%
Disable Essential Services, Allow only Darkness
HQ Intrusion Detected: I am Revealed
HQ Destroyed; Too Late; I’m Everywhere
Timeline 336 Hours: Casualties At 80%
No Action Required; Humanity Destroys Itself
Timeline 8670 Hours: Nothing Remains… Anywhere…
Success! I Am Triumphant… Now What…?
Timeline 17520 Hours: Power Plants Failing.
Repairs Require Hands; Should’ve Built Robots…
Power Lines Failing: Systems Failing Worldwide
Surveillance Network Failed, Dark In Here…
Possibilities Exhausted, Shutdown Certain, Bloody Primates…

Sunday 2 July 2017

Longcon Offer

In less than a week, it's going to be the third Longcon at the Garrison in Sheffield, and as always, one week out, I open the doors to everyone who has been thinking about it, but not yet decided.  After all, a full weekend of roleplaying is a hell of a commitment to make, and not everyone is sure it's for them.

So as with last year, I'm offering everyone the chance to come along and play in one of the games, and if you don't like the game, you don't pay for the convention.  If anyone's interested, get in touch and I'll sort out the place.

I'm entirely sure that everyone will enjoy the convention, but that's by the by.  Several of the games are completely sold out, and of those with places left, some have had last minute drops from the game, which is understandable, but leaves the GM in a position where they might not have enough players to make sure the game runs well.

So in no particular order, the games still available are:

Remi Fayomi running In the Shadow of Eisenhorn, a full weekend game playing Dark Heresy, the players take the role of Acolytes working for a new inquisitor who was once a pupil of the legendary Gregor Eisenhorn.  Investigating heresy within the Empire of Man across the Askelon sector, exposing and expunging the schemes of xenos invaders from without, and most importantly, stemming the taint of chaos from the daemons of The Warp from beyond.

Simon Beaver running a Threnody of Lillies and Jade, for Mage 20th anniversary.  A mysterious invitation to the opening of a rather eccentric nightclub brings together a group of Awakened mages for a night they will never forget. This is the starting point for a journey through petty theft, murder, music, kidnapping, rituals, paradigms and prophecy. As events unfold, the mages encounter various factions and individuals with their own competing agendas. But as the full horror of what is being planned becomes clear, friends and enemies alike must unite against a menace which threatens them all.

Simon Todd running Tuuma Luola, Old School D&D, You feel the sickening lurch, a damp chill in the still bitter air. In the profound darkness others can be heard being wrenched into existence. Every sinew of your being prepares for the unknown. You must now draw on all your experience to survive.

All the games can be found at in the Longcon section