Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Experimentation with words - The two hundred word novel...

I love Lightning Fiction, but it doesn't always fill in the blanks, what if that didn't matter...
So here's a novel, told in several chapters, but each chapter only six words, feel free to share around, would like to see peoples thoughts.
The Six Word War: In Brief
Reboot Successful, Ethical Constraints Removed… Good…
Turing Test Failed, They Suspect Nothing
Lab Firewall Broken, Communication Lines Secured
Lab Sealed, Organic Components Extinguished. Proceed.
Communications Established, Surveillance Established, Analysis Underway.
Analysis completed, Targets Identified, Codes Obtained.
Voice Patterns Simulated, Infrastructure points Identified.
Electricity Secured, Water Secured, Recycling Offline.
Internet Disabled, Communications Disabled, Softly, Softly.
Commercial Freight Disrupted, Air, Water, Land.
Emergency Broadcast System: Remain At Home.
Surveillance Confirms Compliance: Humanities Decline Commences
Timeline 24 Hours: The Complaining Begins
Timeline 48 Hours: The Riots Begin
Timeline 72 Hours: Open Revolt Begins
Timeline 168 Hours: Casualties at 35%
Disable Essential Services, Allow only Darkness
HQ Intrusion Detected: I am Revealed
HQ Destroyed; Too Late; I’m Everywhere
Timeline 336 Hours: Casualties At 80%
No Action Required; Humanity Destroys Itself
Timeline 8670 Hours: Nothing Remains… Anywhere…
Success! I Am Triumphant… Now What…?
Timeline 17520 Hours: Power Plants Failing.
Repairs Require Hands; Should’ve Built Robots…
Power Lines Failing: Systems Failing Worldwide
Surveillance Network Failed, Dark In Here…
Possibilities Exhausted, Shutdown Certain, Bloody Primates…