Thursday 23 February 2017

Needing GM's and Volunteers for UK Game Expo and Airecon

Just a brief note about upcoming conventions, in particular Airecon in the new Harrogate Venue, and the UK Games Expo.  In both cases, we're needing a number of GM's, and in the case of Expo, we're also needing general volunteers as well.

With Airecon, there's a small RPG section being run alongside the main convention, and while there's already a number of Pathfinder games available, we're needing more generic roleplaying games, ideally along the lines of shorter demonstration games and things that can get beginners and those less familiar with roleplaying in general to try the games out.  The website for Airecon is at It's being held in March, between the 10th and 12th, anyone interested in helping out in the RPG zone should get in touch with me directly.

With Expo, growing pains continue, the problem with being the largest games convention in England is that you need the most volunteers of any convention in England, and each year, it gets harder to convince people to come and help out at the show, rather than just turning up and enjoying it.

So, in no particular order, we're needing a number of general volunteers, at least one more heavy lifter, and a number of general stewards/ambassadors.  The rewards package is, as always, one of the most generous of any convention.  18 hours volunteering gets you a hotel room, breakfast, and vouchers for use at the street scoff.  For general volunteers there's no heavy lifting, but we'll need you at various points through the running of the convention, mostly for door watching and assisting the public in showing them where things are and what's going on.  The lifters tend to work at the beginning and end of the convention, with the rest of the convention theirs to enjoy, but they do have to put the sweat in when on shift.

Anyone interested in volunteering for Expo should contact Heather and Simon at

We're also needing more GM's for Expo, because as numbers grow, so we need more people to run games so we've actually got things for people to do when they're not going around the trade hall.

We're premiering a RPG on demand games area where shorter games of 1-2 hours can be played for those who don't have the time for full four hour slots, this area has several very experienced GM's who can run a variety of different games depending on what the groups want to try out.

Of course, we've also got the regular games, from Call of Cthulhu to the 100 player D&D Epic World Premiere, and we've got more open gaming space than we've ever had before, but we're looking for more GM's to run games for us across the weekend.  Rewards for running games range from free entry for the day to full hotel rooms with meals paid for, and we're not just looking for the bigger game systems, it's not the system that makes the game good, it's the person running it.

Anyone wanting to offer games should get in touch with me directly, either on this post or at

Any questions on any of these, please get in touch, there's a few more conventions coming up in the next few months, and we'll be covering those tomorrow.

Friday 3 February 2017

RPG special events and submissions for Expo

With us going live on the RPGs for this Sunday evening, we wanted to make a few announcements regarding special events that will not have been made live at the point at which we make every other RPG active.

The first of these events is the D&D World Premiere Epic, a 100 player event that has been given to UKGE following the successful D&D premiere from last year.  This event will be running on the Saturday night in the evening slot and will be going live as soon as the full details of the scenario are made available.

The second of these events is the Cthulhu Masters, a popular event every year, we’re currently setting the scenarios for the event, which will start with the qualifiers on the Friday afternoon, with one player from each of the qualifiers going forwards to the final on the Friday Evening.  One of our most popular events, the Masters has always featured handmade, unique prizes for those who make it through to the final, ranging from perfect copies of the Grail Diary from the Indiana Jones films, to a bound and sealed copy of the Necronomicon.  As soon as we have the scenarios finalised, we will be making an announcement and then setting the masters live.

Finally, there is an indication that there will be a Pathfinder society special event, but we are waiting on details from Paizo regarding the event and will announce the full details as soon as we have them ourselves.

We’ll still be taking submissions for RPG’s after this Sunday, but we would like to stress that with the unprecedented levels of rooms that have been required for Expo this year, we will be prioritising those who get their submissions in earlier when it comes to allocating rooms. 

If anyone has any questions regarding submissions or games that will be coming up, please contact me at your convenience...