Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 217 - The beginnings of a good week - Required 596750, Achieved 580217

For all those who just do their writing on the computer, you're really missing a trick when it comes to still doing it old school :)

Because one of my anniversary presents was a book from Tiny wife that had all manner of ideas in it, and so yesterday, while I was at the writers group listening to everyone else read out the pieces that they had brought, I was also writing away in the background on the ideas that had been given to me.  The result of which is that over the course of the evening and the following day on the phone, I got more than 2700 words put down that all count towards the win.

The writing group itself was good, full of enthusiastic people who all write, and so while I may not have agreed with the individual styles of one or two of them, what I did like (and like very much) was that they were all writing, all the time, several of them keep a spreadsheet of words the way I do.  It may not contain as many words as mine does, but to be fair, I am on a bit of a mission.

The other thing was that there was talk of doing a writing and reading convention in sheffield early next year, and so to all those on my radar, would any of you be interested in coming along to such a thing (if only to gauge interest), it won't be at the same time as any of the RPG conventions that are coming up and it's likely to be a one day special, but still, for me it would be a rarity, a convention on my door stop...

Anyone else interested?

This is John Dodd in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire and Goodnight England, wherever you are...