Friday, 19 December 2014

#27daysofgames Day 19 – Best Second hand game purchase – Small World

My mum loves bargain shops, goes to them whenever she can, car boot sales, village fairs, all the things where you can find something for less than what it’s actually worth.  Many are the times we’ve been up at the crack of dawn to go hunting for bargains, and I don’t think the impulse to ever get something for full price when you can get a perfectly good version of it second hand for a quarter of the price is never going to leave me.

And so it is why Bring and Buy sections at conventions are always packed out I suspect.

For me, the best purchase I ever got was not at a convention, but at a car boot sale, and as it happens, it was from a person who didn’t know what it was worth and had a whole bunch of other things like it, that I also bought on that day, but the best of the games that I picked up was Smallworld, for the grand sum of £5.

You don’t really get time to check through the whole box to make sure everything is there when you’re buying things at Car Boot sales, people keep on moving past and at the prices you’re getting them, you tend not to complain too much about a piece missing here or there and instead concentrate on all the things you are getting, as long as the central bits like the board and most of the counters are present, nothing else matters.

As it turns out on this occasion, everything was intact and it had barely been played, as had most of the things in the sale.  I can only presume that all the things on that stall were just taking up space and that the person who was selling them had no particular care, otherwise they’d have done the research and put them on ebay or something similar. 

Either way, it remains the best buy I’ve ever had on a secondhand stall.