Thursday, 31 July 2014

Flatpack Vampires - Open Playtest Call

I’m needing playtesters for a game that I’m planning on putting out there next year in the first quarter, it’s a card game based on an idea that I had a few years ago that never came to fruition before now, got a lot of interest when I first put the idea together, but never got around to putting it out there.

It’s a game of hunting and hiding, with a lone vampire hunter running around England trying to root out the master vampire before he manages to build covens in every city and turns the place into a hopeless pit of darkness. Running time is between five minutes (if the vampire hunter gets lucky in the first few turns), and half an hour (presuming the Vampire gets to build some of their empire), complexity isn’t high at all, and all the counters and cards can be printed out for this particular version. I’m looking for playtesters for this, not only those who play board games, but also for those who don’t normally play board games, to see if it’s light enough in complexity and tone for them to find interest in it as well.

So, Let me know if you’re interested, it’s a two or more player game to begin with and can be played with as many as four which changes the gameplay significantly depending on how many Hunters and how many Vampires are in the mix...