Friday, 18 July 2014

Day 199 - Of apes and men... Required 547250, Achieved 517788

But it's been a very busy week, and times have had to be made for family things and other things because if at the end of this I've managed a million words and lost everything else I hold most dear, what's the point of it?

Certainly not the people for whom I started doing this in the first place (Who are studiously trying to avoid looking at this...), and certainly not for the small but important things that get done once in a while like going to a truckstop for tea and then going to see the new planet of the apes, which I have to say is brilliant.

It's also very very violent, and there's an uncomfortable streak of "this is what we'd do if no one stopped us" to it, which is nicely underplayed but very evident, well recommended, would certainly watch it again.

Tip though, if you're going to watch it, make sure you're not driving through wakefield on the way back or you'd be forgiven for thinking that the rise had already begun...

This is John Dodd, in the socialist republic of south yorkshire and and goodnight England, Wherever you are...