Monday, 14 July 2014

Because some things are just shiny...

You know that sometimes you collect things and you’re not entirely sure why?

I like decks of cards, and not just any decks of cards, I like interesting cards, and that brings us back to the Kickstarter problem.  There are cards everywhere on that site, the first kickstarter I backed was a set of cards, and even now, I have problems when I see a shiny new set on there.

Two reasons

1: A single deck of cards doesn’t usually break the bank.

2: When you’re playing games that use cards as part of a mechanism (or just poker), a really good deck stands out like you wouldn’t believe and for me enhances the playing experience. It’s like using really nice dice, it’s not that they’re any better than any other dice, it’s that you want to roll them more.  With Cards, it’s not just that I want to get the royal flush, but as you’ll see when you see the cards in question, you just want to get all the brilliant cards out there to show the others around the table.

So with no further ado, here are

The Cthulhu Deck

The First Steampunk deck

The Quicksilver Deck

The Black Book (Look closely at these)

The Extraordinary Adventures Deck (My favourite) 

I’ve got another set arriving soon, and I’ll post those up when I get them, but if anyone else has interesting decks, please share J