Sunday, 27 July 2014

Day 208 - Massive Pathfinder reviews tomorrow - Required 572000, Achieved 535129

In the interests of being fair with the beginners box test, I've picked up a number of modules from the Pathfinder society, starting way back with the season 0 stuff and moving through every one of the seasons.  It's taken me a while to get through them all and put reasonable notes together on each, but they're nearly done and the details will be on tomorrow.

I'll be doing the same for D&D when I get my hands on it, but in the meantime, from a person who doesn't play Pathfinder, it's an unbiased view on the evolution of the game from where it started way back to where it is now and the steps that have been taken to get from one place to another, particularly when it comes to the design and implementation of scenarios for the world.

This is John Dodd in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire and goodnight England, Wherever you are...