Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Adventures in Pogonotomy – Derby Extra Blades

Around halfway down the list of blades that I’m trying now and the next one, chosen by diplomatic process (I asked my lady to pick) is the Derby Extra Blade. 

Found as part of the multi buy, so the same sort of cost as the other economy blades at around a quid a pack, however looking on a number of sites, it’s possible to pick up these at a significant discount if you’re buying in bulk.

The question here is if you’re planning on buying in bulk.

I got shaved just after getting out of the shower, so the face was as warm as it was likely to get, same cream, brush, and razor, usual protocol.  The interesting thing here is even with the three day stubble properly softened and lathered up, it still took a number of passes to get down to clear and this morning, I’ve already got a shadow on...

So it’s not as sharp as any of the other blades that I’ve tried, but it is comfortable to use, and considering that I’d be using a new blade every time, that’s just as well.  It took four passes and a backstroke to get it down to clear, and not once did the blade nick or cut, so extremely good for beginners, but again, really not what I’m looking for at the moment.  If anyone's got any thoughts on the Derby Professionals and if there's any difference between them and these, it'd be appreciated

So to sum up:

Derby Blades, not first past the post, but a dependable favourite...