Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 192 - And so the news is here - Required 528000, Achieved 499401

Day 192 - And so the news is here - Required 528000, Achieved 499401

I wanted to make sure the initial announcement had gone out first before I posted about it, but I'm going to be running the organised play down at Dragonmeet this year, had a long conversation with Chris Birch about it, where he see's it going and what he wants from it, it's good to see that he's intending on taking it back to where it started, when it was a convention for gamers and games of all sorts.

So, starting tomorrow, I'm putting out a number of emails to particular people about their groups and if they're going to be interested, because I was there when Dragonmeet started all those years ago and the only games running that year were the ones that attendee's organised, and I saw it grow, then stagnate, then start to slump, so to be honest, I'm really quite happy that it's got a new lease of life and I'm extremely happy to be in and helping when it kicks off again.

Anyone who knows me and is interested in doing something, don't wait for me to get in touch, get in touch with me :)  There's a lot of big ideas running around and I want to make sure we don't miss any this year so we can build on it for next year.

But interesting times ahead...

This is John Dodd in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire and Goodnight England, Wherever you are....