Saturday, 27 August 2016

Strategygamecon - Day Two

I should point out that I'm not at Strategy for day 2, I knew I wouldn't be needed there for the other days, so I pulled off site after that.  However, Simon Burley was down there and sent me a few images to show me how things were going.

By all accounts, busier today, the tournaments drew in better numbers, but as with all tournaments, the players only came for them, rather than the show.

The RPG room has been busier, with many of the GMs working together to produce good games for all those concerned, and after talking with Simon earlier today, the possibility of something else that I'll be working through with him and then coming back to you all with.

All in all, communication issues notwithstanding, it seems to have done well for Card games, which given Rob Hooleys background, you would expect it to, but needs to pick up on other aspects of the games industry and provide better information and updates than were available this year.  Not an unforgivable sin, but certainly something that needs to improve if there's to be a year two.

Hopefully more images tomorrow, will post as soon as I have them...