Thursday, 25 August 2016

Free Release of SLA Sourcebook Blood and Glass

So I was Line Developer of SLA industries ten years ago, and six weeks back I said I was releasing the sourcebook that I'd been working on at the time when that job finished for free.  Life (three birthdays including Marks 25th), two other writing pieces, and a major convention (with another one tomorrow) got in the way of dragging it all together and so it's only just now that I've done it.

I need to make it clear that this is the work of a fan, not an official piece for SLA, and that the final book ten years back would have had more art and more chapters, but this is all I had ready when I closed it down.

I also wanted to use the artwork that we'd commissioned for the piece, and ideally wanted to get it formatted SLA style to make it look good.  Managed the first one, didn't manage the second one, so it's barebones, and I've given it the once over, but there's bound to be errors, feel free to point them out, I'll correct.

I still believe in SLA, I think as a setting it's one of the best things to ever come out, and I'll never regret a single of the million words that I wrote for it, but it's time for me to let it go and give everyone what I promised them all that time back.

Sorry it took so long everyone

The links are on this page , you can download the file direct, there's a few more sourcebooks besides this one there as well.

And if it had a soundtrack, it would have started with this

One last thing, SLA are currently doing a Kickstarter for a miniatures game based out in the Cannibal Sectors, I've seen the rules on the game and there's a lot of effort going into it and I think it's going to be the first new product in a long line, which pleases me enormously.  Those wanting to check it out should look here

And the facebook group for the new game is here

Please feel free to give feedback on the book, feel free to post the link anywhere you like, but try and link back to this so the other links for the kickstarter and facebook groups are included.