Thursday, 11 August 2016

Ink Review - Diamine Imperial Purple

And another ink that came with the birthday was Diamine's imperial purple, I only ask for smaller bottles of ink these days, after I made a mistake and ordered a large bottle of Deep Dark Blue that I'm still trying to get through.

This in turn has led to me having a whole bunch of different inks that make me want to change the colour every few days.

and more on that in a few days.

Imperial Purple is a good ink, the colour does vary depending on how fast you write and with how large a nib, but it tends to dry in a brighter purple than it look when you first put it on the page, liking the colour a lot, but there is a cautionary note in this one.

It's very sticky...

Dries fast, and that's not so much of a problem most of the time, but I've just had to dismantle (completely) the TWSBI that I got given a short while ago, the plunger was so stuck I had to needle it out and regrease, so be careful when you're filling a vacuum pen with this one.

Otherwise though, lovely colour, nice flow, like it a lot.