Friday, 31 October 2014

Wyntercon - A new convention

And so we've spent the whole of the day at the first day of Wyntercon, a new multi-genre convention on the south coast of England.

We got there yesterday and helped to set things up, with a little get together in the evening with some of the guests at the All Saints Chapel, which is a place that needs to be seen to be believed.

Set at the Winter Gardens, the venue is from victorian times and suits well the general theme of steampunk that the convention is set up for.

Most of the original fittings are in place and it's always nice to hold a convention in a place with a little character, the floors may not be all level and whoever did the layout was either a certified genius or an authentic wacko, but it all adds to the flavour of the place.

Trade hall was busy enough, I only got photos from before the action started and after it finished, too busy working the rest of the time (this is the price you pay for helping every convention), but it's been a really good atmosphere and everyone's been having a great time.

We're back early from the Halloween masquerade ball at the Atlantis Nightclub, one of the special events arranged for the weekend, everyone (Except me it seems) in costume and the whole pier somehow restored to a useable condition after the horrendous fire from a few short months ago.

It's rare I upload videos to the blog, but things were that good in there that I felt compelled to, if only so I can sit there and stare at it, wishing I wasn't working the next day...

But I am...

So more on this tomorrow...

However, really strong start to what promises to be a great convention going forwards.