Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Corona's Virus Adventurers Guild briefing day 8 - Murderhobo's diminishing

Morning Everyone

It’s been an interesting morning so far, we’ve had an envoy from the Ratlin council in the Illenial hills come down this morning, not the usual complaints of too many adventurers straying from the agreed treasure drops to get easy wins, but an enquiry into what we were doing different that’s caused the attacks to cease entirely.

We sent a few of you out in the day to see what’s been going on, turns out that all the local non-human population have been experiencing far lower levels of attack from overzealous idiots trying to make a quick win.

Seems that the fear of the virus is keeping our local Murderhobo population inside, drinking and eating to forget their problems.  Net result, a whole lot of the people who normally get the brunt of their attacks are wondering why there’s been no attacks.  I have assured them that this isn’t some grand strategy by the Murderhobos to put them in a false sense of security before they come back, but I have recommended that they spend the time putting up better defences while they’ve got chance. Tuckers kobolds were travelling through the area a few days ago, and I’ve put in a recommendation that they get in touch and see if they can’t make life a little harder for our resident lunatic fringe.

It does raise an interesting point though, as most of the work we do is out there in the wilds working commissions for people we barely know.  No pension plan for adventurers, and the city council considers us to be self employed, and we all know that regular wages isn’t something that any of us can prove, so we’re unlikely to be getting paid any time soon.  We’ll continue to offer contracts where we can and we’ll vet them where they can, but you need to be aware that we don’t know how well the virus transmits to other races, or indeed if it does.  We know that it affects Humans, Wilde, Aetherics, and Samca, but we don’t know if it’s going to transfer to anything else.

That said, word back from the shapeshifters squad, they’ve been running a few experiments over the last few weeks, just to see what the situation is.  Several of you have reported that there’s been a sneezing wolf running around the outskirts of town, I can now let you all know that that’s Freya Ironclaw, she’s had the virus for a while and was working to see if her lupine form might be able to throw it off any faster.  Turns out that the only thing that goes faster is the time between sneezing and going to the toilet, she’s resting up the in the temple at the moment, the paladins have got her under care for now, so if you see any more sneezing wolves out there, be sure to let us know, she doesn’t think that the virus transmits, but we need to keep an eye on it in the meantime.

Nothing else for the morning, stay away from the Ratlin encampments, you know what Tucker’s get like, and we’ve got enough trouble without you lot coming back perforated, just remember…

Let’s be careful out there…