Sunday, 29 March 2020

Corona's Virus - Adventurers Guild Briefing Day 6 - Merchants and Mobs

Morning Everyone

We’ve been asked to provide a mobile patrol for the market today, we’re getting new supplies in and the merchants figure there’s going to be more than a few people looking to get an advance purchase in before the goods are on the shelves.  We’re going to put the market on in the middle of town, goods will sell from one shelf only and will be brought in through the rear with us walking point.

Everyone gets a turn, walk them in single file, I don’t care if it’s Lady Cries or Grim Jim from third street, rationing knows no privilege and therefore, neither do we.  Swift word on crowd control, we normally get to exercise reasonable levels of force when it comes to breaking up undesirables, but the people we’re going to be watching for here are civilians, they’re scared and panicky, like the rest of us, so braining them in the name of the law isn’t the way forwards.  Mages guild have offered us the use of feeblemind spells for the duration, but as you all know, a mob is a creature with a few hundred legs and no brain, feeblemind means they follow the person closest to them, and they’re all going to be looking to take food, so it’s not going to make any difference at all.

What we are going to do is keep the mages on standby with a few illusions.  If you see something starting up, get your weapon in the air and the mages will throw something noisy in your direction.  You use the distraction to get the crowd thinking about something other than grabbing everything and you close ranks, the only thing a mob has second thoughts about is another mob, and that’s the approach we’ve got to take here.  I see that several of you have put in for time so that you can get supplies for your families, and you all know the city councils thoughts on that. Let me put that in perspective, because we all know that the only chance we get to go for anything is after everyone else has already raided it, and the city council is very much All for one, as long as they’re the one.

With this in mind, I’ve negotiated with the merchants for them to pay us in goods, rather than coin, all of you do your job today and you get your supplies from here after shift. It’s the least we should be doing for all of you, and it’s all that we can do for now.

In other news, we’ve got a small group of giants out on the west side, we don’t know if they’re infected, but take it from one who knows, a giant sneezing on you is like getting caught in a storm of snot.  Anyone gets caught by one, report round the back when the paladins come back in, we’ll make sure you get cleaned off properly, but my advice is to make sure you’re not there when it happens.

That’s everything for the morning watch, Shopping and Snotting all around, just remember…

Let’s be careful out there…