Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Layout person required for new RPG project...

In the course of last year, a lot of my time (read:All) got eaten by running conventions, planning conventions, and generally getting a lot more people to play games, this led to two different things, the first being that I didn't get to concentrate on the things I wanted to produce, the second being that I decided that I'm not working with amateurs any more, a lot of the stress that I took last year was down to dealing with people that shouldn't be doing the jobs they're doing (and yet have those jobs somehow), so when I found this year that the person originally earmarked for doing the Quest layout was already booked out for the year, I found myself in need of someone new.

So here it is, I'm looking for someone to lay out the finished text and artwork for Quest, I have a good idea of how I want it to look in the end, but I'm always happy to take suggestions and direction from people who know more about layout than I do.  I do have a budget for the work, and am happy to arrange payments to suit whoever gets the job.  It's not a one shot job, there's a number of books in the set, MRB to start with is around 150 pages of text and a good number of pages of artwork.

Anyone interested, please let me know by return, post on the thread or mail me direct.