Monday, 11 January 2016

Kickstarter Delivered - Z Mob

I backed this one some time ago, had the look of an interesting game, even if the counters weren't the usual all singing, all dancing fully sculpted figures that most kickstarters are fond of these days.  I backed this one because it had the look of someone trying to make something new and starting small rather than rushing in to try and make something massive before they learned to walk.

Well, he made it...

Now to see if it works well...

Plenty of counters

All the dice you need and a tape measure

The mechanics are fairly simple, in the basic scenario, the survivors are down in the basement trying to protect Doctor Schultz, who has the means with which to end the apocalypse.  This takes twenty rounds, between the start of the game and that point, more zombies turn up and try to kill everyone.

Simple enough?

All combat is done on a D20, there are stats for all the different survivors, modifiers for the rolls, and the D6 are there to show you just how many zombies show up or (in certain combinations of numbers) if super zombies or screamers turn up.  If one of the survivors gets bitten, they'll eventually turn, and the whole point of the game is to ensure that Dr Schultz makes it to the end of turn twenty.

There's a lot of dice rolling, and it plays more like a wargame than a regular board game, there's not enough in the characters to make them stand out different, but it's been well thought out and tested, so it's a solid first effort and I'll be interested to see what they do next...