Wednesday, 30 December 2015

And sometimes you just need to build a lair...

And of things I got for christmas, one of them was a couple of shelves that fit rather nicely on top of my existing desk (not so much a desk as a repurposed kitchen table), to increase the amount of available space whilst leaving me easy access to everything else that I need.

Top shelf for monitor, speakers, webcam, and the case for whatever I'm watching at the time, below the speakers is the batman figure that holds my to do list and inbetween the drawers and the DVD case is a bone compass my brother brought me back from his many travels.

Middle shelf for functional things, inks (all the different colours and the reserve jar for all the excess mixed up, dice (smaller than the enormous paperweights on the lower section), batteries, pads, tablet, and whatever I'm presently reviewing.

Lower section for storage,a multibox set tiny wife got me and then a container for all the other things, so grip toys, back scratchers, and other such things.

In the front of the desk, left to right, bowl of christmas munchies, keyboard upon which the million was done (you can see some of the letters have been rubbed clean off), map for the Hungry ocean that I'm working on, and a copy of the paranoia game for something I'm doing for a friend....

Where do all of you do your work?