Tuesday, 1 December 2015

On the subject of troublesome kickstarters....

From the last few days, I've found that there's more than a few people who've been burned by Kickstarters, and that my own experience with them has been far better than many of you out there.

My consideration that perhaps Ken Whitman was an isolated incident is now being challenged on a number of levels, and I think it's time to do something about it, because I've got loads of things from Kickstarter and I've only been burned once, and even that once made me think about things more carefully, which led me to the conclusion that if we had forewarning, we wouldn't get burned as often as some have been...

What if there was a place to name and shame rogue kickstarters?  Not just the ones you personally have been burned with, but also a place to check up on other people who've been running kickstarters to see if they've got prior form, failed on previous kickstarters, and most importantly, see if they've resurfaced under a different name (see Ken/Walt/D20) to try again?

So if there's a kickstarter that's not doing well, or that's not delivering what it should, there'll be a place to leave warnings for others to see what's going on.  I'm not talking about the kickstarters where it's two weeks late and the project creator is on every day apologising and keeping people updated on what's going on, but the one's that have gone into comms blackout and the creator is on the run.

So the question is to the world at large, how useful would such a site be?