Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Corona's Virus Adventurers Guild Briefing, Plagues and Protection

Morning Everyone

Hell of a thing this morning, we had a report from the rangers over at the Tolran forest, there’s a band of plague cultists on their way over to us, be here in a couple of days. It’s not what you’re thinking, they’re coming here for sanctuary.

Yep, devotees of the plague god and they’re coming here to get away from the virus…

Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s what they said to the rangers, and they were convincing enough that the rangers didn’t fill them with arrows and leave them to the sky, so there’s probably something in it.  Trouble is that while they’re fleeing from one plague, they’ll be bringing more than one with them, so we’re going to take the high ground on this one and allocate them a space outside the city with a bunch of tents so that they’ve got somewhere to be. The Paladins have already offered to go out there and take them supplies, but if those cultists get near the city, they get a short sharp warning and if that doesn’t work, a short sharp end, take no chances, we at least have a clue what we’re doing with Corona’s

All well and good to exist outside of society while it suits you and then want to come back in when the world gets a little rough, and we take the vows of hospitality seriously, but we look after those who’ve worked to keep the city in one piece before we look to those who’ve been working to bring it down.

On that note, with the council out of town and their guards with them, we’re looking for volunteers to go around their various properties and make sure that they’re secure.  We’re not doing this out of civic duty, we’re doing this because we’re absolutely sure that the thieves guild is already sending their people out there to make sure that they’re not secure.  We need inventory on everything that’s in there, because we’re not thieves, and anything that goes missing, we’re going to go looking around certain thieves’ homes to make sure it didn’t end up going there.

Anyone remember when we went on quests and did heroic things for a living?

A word on that, because we’ve all been doing what needs to be done for a few weeks now, and I can see that it’s weighing heavily on some of you, so here’s the thing.  We started out as Fighters, as Mages, as Thieves, and now we’re here using talents that could find us far more money elsewhere and we’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do.  But we’re more than that now, people need us, you saw it when we confiscated all the Gelatinous Cube, you saw it when we made sure all the food got distributed fairly, and now they see us as the lifeline that no one else can offer them, and maybe we are, maybe we are.  It’s difficult to appreciate that what you’re doing is making a difference when you have to do it all the time, but we are making the difference, and without us, there’d be a whole lot more misery out there.  We get our thanks from the breath of the living every day, and I never thought I’d say it, but for me, that’s enough.  But you all know the score, just remember…

Let’s be careful out there…