Monday, 6 April 2020

Corona’s Virus Adventurers Guild Briefing - Scammers and Sailors

Morning Everyone

Lot of reports of Scams going around the province recently, people hearing nothing but bad news are more likely to want to believe good news, and that in turn plays into the hands of those who are willing to put good news out there, even if it isn’t true.

Case in point, we’ve had official paperwork from the Illenia Ascendant requesting permission to cast off and leave port towards Tyravig.  Any other ship and it wouldn’t have made the briefing, but that ship’s been laid up for more than six years, recently got bought by a private individual through a consortium of merchants, and now they’re offering passage to Tyravig where there’s no infection, bargain price of three thousand golden rails a head, more than any of us make in a year.

Now, you know, and I know, Tyravig’s just as infected as everywhere else, and even if it wasn’t, it would be if all the people who are going to get on that ship got there, but we don’t think that’s the consortiums aim.  We did a little checking on the crew roster, not one of them ever served in the Navy or the Merchant Marine, so the chance of that ship making it anywhere isn’t high, and the chance of it making it all the way to Tyravig?  The captain’s name is Tyrus Oldarov, Mage, used to be a swimmer in the Balion Olympics team till they caught him using Water Elementals for a speed boost and disqualified him for life.  Way we figure it, he uses the Elementals to get the ship out into reasonably deep waters, and then sinks everything and they take him to another country where he does the same again.  We’ve seen that he’s already overloaded with passengers and there’s a waiting list that he’s working down.

Problem here is that we can’t stop people leaving, the lockdown is on the city, and if anyone gets out of it, short of force, there’s nothing we can do or say to them that’s going to convince them that staying here is a better idea.

With this in mind, I need a show of hands to repaint a mages tower…

Yep, repaint a mages tower…  The only way we save all the people on that ship is to get it to sink in the harbour, and to do that, we need something that can repel the Elementals.  Rayelle Srenas is willing to do it, but on condition that someone cleans all the “Take your virus with you” slogans scribbled on her tower and mount a guard on it for the next month or so.  City watch will provide the guard if we do the cleaning, all those volunteering get a boon from the city reserves. 

In other news, the Alliance of Affordable Companions have applauded our efforts in the last two weeks, and are offering their services for free, to any member of the guild.  You all know the score with this, I don’t mind them applauding us, I just don’t want them clapping us, so just remember…

Let’s be careful out there…