Friday, 23 December 2016

Longcon 3 Games Announcements

So four years ago I had an idea for something that would hark back to the days of all weekend gaming, I tested it at smaller venues for two years, then moved up to a full convention for the next one.  The first year only attracted four games per day.  Of these, two of them full weekend campaigns, one of the One Ring, one of the Dresden files. In the other slots we had Original D&D and Firefly on the Saturday, then Cyberpunk and Ravenloft on the Sunday. 

It didn’t quite sell out, but it was a first year, so I wasn’t disheartened and tried it again.

Longcon 2 was something else entirely.

This year had four full weekend campaigns, Dresden returned with the same players to occupy the first cell again, On the large table topside was a wide campaign of Symbaroum, just outside the cells was a crusade against the reptile god to the strains of the Black Hack, and in the terrace was the epic telling of the Dracula Dossier that started on the Friday night and was the last to finish on the Sunday evening.  The single day campaigns on Saturday were another Dresden fate game set in the Hangover City and a Call of Cthulhu haunted house tale, with the Sunday to have one of the first long games involving my new game, Quest.

Suffice it to say that while I took a hit in year one, year two went so well that we allowed some of the attendees to pay in goods rather than money, and both chocolates and dice trays were well received by all.

This year I’ve opened submissions for the games and we’ve had a number of offers thus far…

Six full weekend campaigns

The Watch making three for three years for the massively popular Dresden fate game.

An Abridged version of the Rage of Demons campaign for 5th Edition D&D

An epic tale of superheroes for Squadron UK

A massive sandbox campaign created with the players and run with the Black Hack RAW

A return to middle earth with the One ring

An inquisitorial campaign with Dark Heresy in the footsteps of Eisenhorn

On the Saturday only, we’ve got a Cypher system fuelled adventure into mysticism and magic in the Occult investigative unit of the South African Police Force.

And finally on the Sunday only, we’ve got a Vortex powered game with high school students trying to keep space and time together whilst not missing their exams.

There are a few more games to be put up, and I’m going to be opening booking in mid January, so this is more a taste of the shape of things to come…

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