Friday, 8 July 2016

Nine years back, I walked away from SLA Industries

Because Nightfall had returned and were going to do it the way that it was always supposed to be done, as opposed to the way that I was going to do it.  I can't say that I was happy about it, put a lot of work into the project, spent a lot of time re-galvanising the fan base and getting everyone back on board, to be told, "Thanks, but that's it..."

This was at a time when Cubicle 7 was four people meeting in a flat in Finchley, and shortly before the winning of the Rebellion assistance because we'd been getting books out (several of which were SLA), and while I'll  never begrudge all the work that I did, the loss of that particular job hit me harder than I thought it might, and the combination of changing circumstances (not all for the worse to be sure) and too much work meant that I stepped back from games for some time and only did what I needed to do.

I'm now at a position where I've got back my enthusiasm, things are going brilliant, and I need to lay to rest the things that had made it worse in the first place...

I've got most of the text for Drops of Blood, the sourcebook for the cults in the world of progress, and the base notes for SLA 300, the alternate reality book for the world of progress before it went bad, and while it's only text, very little artwork, it's a look at the direction the world was going before it got taken back.

I should stress that these aren't official now, they're just one of SLA's most dedicated fanboys works, and they're going out for free, I won't be updating them again, and I won't be doing anything else for SLA, my contribution is long noted, and I need to be happy for the good that I did, not upset for the things that followed.

Opinions though, I can either post the files as a link to my website, or on a link through Google, which one's easier?