Saturday, 9 July 2016

Longcon 2 - Day one

Two minutes after the opening speech

Year two at a convention should be the time when you're breaking even on things and the convention proves whether or not it's got the right mix of things to work, so going into Longcon 2, I was a little nervous.

I really shouldn't have been...

It's been a brilliant day one, I've got a bunch of photos from the games (which I forgot to do last year), and as of now, having just got back, I know there's at least one game still playing there now, and those that aren't on RPGs are on board games.

This works...

 Neil Gow's Watch, back for the second year.

Graham Spearings Two day game of Symbaroum.

Steve Ellis with the two (three including last night) day Dracula Dossier.

Simon Burley with two days of Black Hacking against the Reptile God

Sue Wilson with One day Hangover City

My One day Classic Cthulhu game.

The format really works, the games have been excellent, the atmosphere brilliant, more on this tomorrow, but this is back next year, it'll be bigger and it'll be better, this is how things need to be in games, because how else do you get things like this...

Steve Ellis and the Night's Black Agents, twelve hours in and still playing by candlelight when I left this evening...