Friday, 22 April 2016

On conventions in general, and of course, Longcon 2

So radio silence for more than a month and very little presence on most websites, forums, or other places where I'm normally to be found.  I'd like to say I was off doing something excellent, but the truth is I've been working on things for Expo, for Dragonmeet, and a few other conventions that I'll name in due course.

I'd also like to say that the job of organising the largest games convention in the UK is a joy and I'd recommend everyone take a shot someday, but this too would be a lie, it's a job, and it's now so busy that getting the time to take a breather from it, much less sit back and enjoy, is all but impossible.

In truth, the move to the NEC has given us all manner of interesting problems, the running of the largest X wing game in the world is making is break new ground to make sure it works well, and the challenge of getting in sufficient entertainment for the increased crowds that presales are showing we're going to get, well...

You get the idea...

More on that later though, I've finally managed to get my own website sorted out (not just the basics, but an actual website), and I've moved all the details for Longcon 2 to there.  I'm taking submissions for games in the next few weeks, and I'm opening bookings for the convention on the first of May around 20:00, full details are on the website at  I'll be updating a number of things in the coming days, this is more to tell everyone that I'm still alive.