Friday, 14 June 2019

Convention Announcements - Dragonmeet

Worldcon, Volcon, Longcon, Dragonmeet

That sounds a little like a John Le Carre novel title, but it’s what’s occupying me right at this moment.  As some of you know, I run a few conventions, I help at a few more…

Well, maybe more than a few…

So, I thought about doing one massive update, but there’s just too many things to go through, so we’re going to start with Dragonmeet, all the others will be following shortly.

First things first, Dragonmeet trade bookings are going live next week, we’ve worked out the trade areas, moved a few things around, and put everything in place to get moving on it.  It’s now over four floors, so we’ve had to do a lot of remodelling to get it all in place. Ground floor for a lot of the trade and the Bring and Buy.  Change from the previous year where the Bring and Buy was upstairs, because the space that we’ve been using for the Bring and Buy has been acceptable, but rapidly becomes nothing but a scrum that blocks access.  We put it at the back of the Trade hall and we can spread it out wide to give people the space they need to get a good look in.

Mezzanine level (that bit in the middle that everyone keeps asking why we’re not using it) will be Press rooms, RPGs in the two north rooms, and seminars in the Bourg suite, which is not only larger and has better acoustics, but also frees up space in the first floor.

First floor will still be demonstrations, Best of Essen, Playtest UK, and the larger games that people have come to love over the years, and with the increased interest from traders, we will be moving some stands upstairs as the demand requires. 

Second floor:  In previous years, we’ve had three rooms at the south end of the first floor that have been dedicated to RPGs, and as the convention grows, I don’t want to be taking away the very thing that for me makes Dragonmeet, Dragonmeet.  We’re allocating two rooms on the Mezzanine for more RPGs, and two more rooms on the second floor so that the entire North Wing is going to be allocated to RPGs.  We considered using all the smaller rooms down the side, but if I’m honest, the several hundred pounds that it would have taken to get all those rooms is better spent on larger rooms rather than adding five more games per slot, especially when we’ll be adding more than fifteen games per slot with the extra rooms.

And on the subject of RPGs

There has been a number of issues in recent years with the scrum of games and the sheer number of people who all sign up for them at the same time, so we’re instigating prebooking for games across the weekend.  I know that’s a controversial move because it means that a lot of games over the weekend will already be signed up before people arrive on the day, but if I’ve learned one thing about conventions, it’s that you can’t please everyone.  This way we won’t have a crush on the day, and if people want to be prepared for the business of the convention, they can do that well in advance.

Trade bookings go live next week, and games will be accepted from the end of next week.

Next is Longcon, which hasn’t seen much movement this year, and there’s a good reason for that, although not the one that many might be considering