Friday, 15 March 2019

Convention round up and support requests

So I've been away a while again, last year was not good, and I mean that in a way where not good isn't an exaggeration, but I'm working on it.

Today sees three announcements for conventions, the first for Tabletop Scotland, the second for Longcon, and the third for Concrete Cow.  Taking on the directors reins at Dragonmeet ate more of my time than I had hoped it might, and this has had a knock on effect with other conventions that I run.

Tabletop Scotland is looking for new GMs to run games at their convention, it runs in Perth, between the 24th and 25th of August 2019.  They already have a strong D&D Adventurers league set of offerings, so what they're after is more in other systems than D&D.  Rewards for the convention include a GM T shirt and free entry for running a single game, with free entry for the whole con and a GM T shirt for running more than one game.  All enquiries or offers for games should be sent to david @ tabletop scotland .co .uk (no spaces for those wondering)

Longcon, the all weekend single game convention, is now open for submissions.  Running 6th and 7th of July at the Garrison in Sheffield, games can either run for one day or both days, but Longcon doesn't take normal four hour slots. The website is, please get in touch with me if you're wanting to offer a game.  Bookings for Longcon will be going live in May.

Finally, Concrete Cow is running all day tomorrow down in Milton Keynes.  An RPG heavy convention with a small trade hall and an excellent atmosphere, details can be found at

I'm going to be keeping up with convention news going forwards, whole bunch of new things coming up.

Let me know if there's any questions.