Friday, 11 August 2017

Lierre Sauvage Ink Review

The thing about inks, particularly the inks that I like using, is that if there's an element of creativity that's gone into the ink itself, then it inspires me to try and match that creativity.  Small wonder then that I like to write with J Herbin inks.  This one was a present for my recent birthday, and while the label is a little wrapped around to read properly, this one is called Lierre Sauvage.

Wild Ivy...

As with all things Herbin, the presentation is the thing, so even though it's just a container with six cartridges, it's a nice finish, and (if that's your thing) would look nice sitting on the ink shelf.  For myself with a box, it has the lid printed with the colour, so that's just as easy to read.

But enough of the package, what of the product...?

It's a bold green, not light enough to be Lincoln, or dark enough to be British Racing, but a lovely shade nonetheless.  While I've tried it in the thinner nibs, I found myself gravitating towards the Super5 with the 05 nib so that there was evidence of the colour in the line.  I'm not much for green inks in the main, wether due to the association with lunatics writing letters in green or not, it's never been a colour that's appealed to me. 

This may well have changed that...