Wednesday, 25 November 2015

RPG article in Tabletop Gaming Magazine

When Tabletop Gaming magazine first hit the stands at Expo this year, one of the things I noticed was that it was primarily focussed on the board game end of things.  With this in mind, I approached them with a view to featuring more content regarding RPGs and roleplaying in general, after all, gaming doesn't just occur on boards.

They agreed...

So, starting this month, and continuing if there's interest in it, there'll be a column on the new releases in the roleplaying world and not just the ones from the major publishing houses.  I've been around long enough to know that the big houses tend to be all that most people have heard of, and when you run conventions the size of Expo and a whole bunch of people have never heard of systems like FATE, there's a lot more out there that people could be enjoying, so there'll be coverage of independent games like Blades in the Dark and Hunters of Alexandria as well as the big releases like Dust and Dr Who, and details on where to find Conventions (and not just the ones I run...) where everyone can go try out new games.

If there's interest, there's every possibility that more RPG content will follow, so we'll see...

The magazine will be available in a number of high street stores, or you can order it at