Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Campaigns in Roleplaying. What do people look for?

I'm running these particular questions across a few of the RPG communities, because I'm gathering information for Modiphius and Longcon UK regarding what people are looking for in regards to campaign play.

This leads into the idea of organised play events as well as box sets and other games that have been put together as a series of events.  What I'm interested in is why people want to play longer games, linked games, and whole campaigns.

In the spirit of fair play, I'm including all my answers on the questions as well.

1: Which (if any) was your favourite game.

Jovian Chronicles: The Chaos Principle

2: Why?

Because it was billed as a cinematic adventure, and it lived up to the hype.

3: Did you get to the end of the campaign and if not, what stopped you...?

We did get to the end of the campaign, it took us three months of weekly play, five players in total.

4: If you did get to the end, was the reward commensurate with the effort taken to get there.

Knowing that we'd been part of the events that went on was a huge buzz to the players involved, having their characters involved at that level of operations was a massive step up from where we'd been previously.

5: What do people look for in a multi game session? Does there have to be a link between games...?

I look for progression, things that you don't get in a one shot, chances to make a difference in the game world itself.  I particularly liked the idea of the L5R games where the results of the tournaments were implemented into the game world, I liked that everyone was involved to that level.

And finally, which game would you most like to see a campaign for, and that question doesn't have to be a modiphius game, because I'm interested across the board.