Friday, 28 February 2014

Day Fifty Nine - One week, two birthdays, less words done as a result Required 162250, Achieved 158322

And this is what we find when there's a day job, two not day jobs, and four conventions to organise, one of which is the largest RPG convention in england.

Don't get me wrong readers, I am serious with this challenge, but I cannot let down those that I have promised to already, so as much as I want to be completely on top of things here, there are times when family and employment will come first, hence the word count above, which is significantly less than I would have hoped for at this time.

Still, the world goes on, my brother reached 38, we all went out and ate too much (Any place that serves puddings for one that weigh more than a pound should be outlawed....), and a good time was had by all.

Hopefully the weekend will not be as fun filled as it was last weekend

This is John Dodd in the socialist republic of South Yorkshire and Goodnight England, wherever you are.