Friday, 26 September 2014

Running out of new things to review, suggestions?

Loads of old stuff in the catalogue, but a lot of it is beyond the point of being available and has little to no relevance to the gamers of today. I'm also short on books and other interesting things and while there's things I can write about, most of them are long term books and things that I'm doing for other side projects...

I'm keeping up with Story September, but there's about six on the go at once, spent a good part of the day today with my family, because I haven't done enough of that recently.  Took mum to Reds Barbecue up in Leeds today, she agrees that the meat there is some of the best she's ever had.  There's also a few other things I'm putting together, but none of them are seeing the light of day anytime soon and I have a little posting guilt because I'm not putting things of interest up on the blog.

That said, tomorrow things may be better.

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