Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Day 252 - In the matter of three dimensions - Required 695750, Achieved 704530

So, I promised more yesterday, and more it is, for the first time in my life, I’ve been signed off work as not fit for purpose.  The outbreak of Sciatica is so bad that I have trouble walking more than twenty steps without the pain bringing me off my feet.  The Doc took one look, said I’d be (and I’m paraphrasing here) not very smart to go back to work until I’d had some physio on the matter, and as my Physio isn’t back till next Tuesday and I have no faith in other Physios following the apocalypse that was Mondays pain fest, it looks like I have a lot of staying still with stretching exercises to do in the meantime.  I presently have enough codeine in the house to drop an elephant, and it does a fine job of letting me move without making whimpering noises, but that’s about it.  Doesn’t do anything for stopping the pain of the nerve going off, just deadens it a lot more quickly when it does go off and I stop moving...

Someone once compared me to a character in the Belgariad called Mandorallen, something of a braggart and a show off, but undefeated and unwilling to consider the possibility of anything other than victory.  They said that until I understood all the sides of the coin, I would be forever as two dimensional as Mandorallen was.  Yesterday and today I have nearly been brought to my knees by the pain that this is causing, I think I’m beginning to understand all the sides of the coin.

I preferred it when I was two dimensional...

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