Friday, 8 January 2016

More implements of writing...

Of pens that I received for christmas, the more curious of the two was the Kaweco Classic Sport pen, something I've been looking forwards to trying out for some time.  What interested me most was the design of it, a very oversized cap in the form of the hexagonal barrel that screws on the top, with a very firm Gold nib available in all manner of sizes.  It's quite unlike most pens on the market today, but the hexagonal barrel has with it the distant memory of all the Biros that I've ever used and for those trying out new pens to start themselves back on Fountain pens, the feel of it may be one of the first steps towards moving away from regular pens, keep the tactile familiarity whilst changing the way you write with it...

I also thought to test out the diamine shimmertastic ink in it, as while the nib is EF, it's not as fine as the Japanese equivalents (and had it been, I would not have tried out shimmertastic ink, as it doesn't show up in the same way for those ultra fine lines), and while I'll come to the ink in a separate post, I thought they complemented each other very well.

The pen is very light, it comes in a metal variant for additional heft if people are so inclined, but the cost on those pens is more than I'm happy with anyone shelling out on, so I asked for the basic version.  Despite the size of the barrel (maybe even because of, short fingers on broad hands and all that), I found it very easy to work with, both capped and bare, no exertion from the continued writing on it, and easy to change the cartridge when it came time to do so.  It's very portable, but works better in a trouser pocket rather than clipping into a shirt, so (particularly with jeans) I can carry this in the smaller pocket as a handy pen as well as a regular pen in the shirt pocket.  

The flow is good, not so brilliant on lesser papers, but that's to be expected of any pen and ink, your results are always tied to the equipment that you use to get those results, but I'd recommend this for beginners everywhere, good utility pen and cheap enough to be entry level for most.

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  1. Some observations on this one. There are optional convertors for the Sport - one squeeze, one piston. My experience would be to go for the piston convertor. The own-brand ink is a bit expensive. I know it has to be imported, but it is double the price of the standard ink I use. This is strange, given the prices for the Kaweco - even the metal one - are what I would call reasonable for fountain pen. Less than £20 for a plastic body and about £60 for a metal body are about Parker prices. But then I'd call a cheaper Waterman or Shaeffer reasonable.