Thursday, 7 January 2016

And new implements of Writing...

So I like writing, and even when I've got what I consider to be nearly the perfect pen, I'm still looking at new pens and new inks, and so it was that I asked for a few things for christmas.  This was one of them.

This is a Sailor Hi-Ace fountain pen, loaded with Heart of Darkness Ink and unmodified in any way, exactly as it came out of the package.  The nib isn't as fine as the Pilot Penmanship, the barrel is plastic, there's no weight at all to it (I've got dice that weigh more than this pen), so on the face of it, I shouldn't like this pen at all...

Except I do...

It's got a very light touch to it, sometimes you have to apply a little more force when writing on papers that aren't designed for fountain pens, the refills are proprietary (I am considering buying a converter), and the surface of the cap is very easily scratched (keep away from keys), but it's a good every day carry pen that lets you try out the basics of Japanese fine nibs without spending the money on Pengineering something like the last pen I put together.  The body of it is very, very light, so those used to using pens such as Biro's and disposables will find it easier to work with on the whole, which in turn will be very useful for those just starting out and getting used to fountain pens.

Overall, very interesting pen, excellent starter and at an excellent (under a tenner) price point, I've been using it since I got it and it's aroused my interest about the rest of the Sailor line.

Tomorrow: The Kaweco

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