Saturday, 23 July 2016

Gamesmastering....The Next Generation...

No updates from two days this week, and that's because I spent both Thursday and Friday in meetings regarding RPGs that I can't yet talk about (But believe me I'll be yelling when I can), and then travelling back to yorkshire for the day job...

However, one thing that came from both meetings was that in general, the UK doesn't have a large enough pool of GMs, and if we're going to grow the hobby beyond what we have, we need to start building for tomorrow, today...

And that needs the help of those who already run games who want to see the hobby grow the way I do, and who are willing to give some of their time and wisdom to those just starting out on the path...

Would you like to know more...?

I already have a large number of GMs who I go to for the various conventions that I organise, and they cover a lot of the UK, but this particular program goes beyond that, and will be drawing on the knowledge of all those who participate.  I'm not asking for much in the first instance, just input on the process that I'm putting together, but that will build into essays on how to run games, ideas on how to make games better, advice for those new to the craft as to how to get into games and eventually, seminars on how to run games, conventions for gamesmastering (and you know I'm good for conventions), and the wealth of knowledge that most of us had to learn the hard way.

I've no restriction on system or style, the more we can get, the better, and it's all good.

In the first place, I'd like anyone interested to tell me that you're interested, I know everyone has commitments, and I know that none of us have all the time that we'd like, and I need to stress, this is voluntary, the only reward that's coming out of this is helping your fellow gamer, I'm not making any money out of it, and neither will you.

Send me a message at either doddherderofcats @ or john_automatic @ registering your interest and how you'd be happy to help.


  1. My advice is, stop limiting yourselves. An RPG doesn't have to be about any one thing, neither does a session. The party wants to have their characters go shopping? Let them go shopping, and use the opportunities that pop up to foreshadow later events.

    Opportunities not requirements is how you grow the hobby.

  2. Ok, I'll bite. How can I be of service?