Thursday, 4 December 2014

#27daysofgames - Day 4 - Most recent game Purchase - Ancient Terrible things

I had a short want list when I went to Essen, and I didn’t know enough about the convention to abandon the booth at the first chance on Thursday and run around collecting things, so when I finally got off there, I went to see what I could find and found that most of it was already gone.

However, I was lucky that some of my want list wasn’t in the mainstream of things for everyone to pick up, and so it was that I managed to get a copy of Ancient Terrible Things.

I did a review for it earlier in the year, which can be found at so I won’t go into the game itself, but more for the fact that I’d seen the game when it was first offered on Kickstarter and couldn’t really justify picking it up at the time, and since that point, I’d not seen much about it, only that it was eventually going to be available at Essen.  What got my interest about this game was that there was a nice premise (being that you’re all playing members of a doomed expedition up a river of darkness to find forbidden knowledge), backed up by reasonable game mechanics and excellent production values.

I know, I’m a sucker for shiny looking things...

But having a good game behind the shiny is always a massive win...

There’s an expansion due out for it shortly that I’ll be picking up, and they’re adapting the dice system (which is really well thought out) to a few more games that they’re bringing out in the new year.  It’s rare I’m interested in a game enough to look for it in advance, but if Pleasant games are going to be bringing out things of this calibre, I’ll be looking for them more often...

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