Monday, 15 December 2014

#27daysofgames Day 15 – Game I wish I owned – Tannhauser

Sometimes, you’re just not there when you needed to be when a game came out, and you find that by the time you realise how cool a game might actually be, you’ve already missed the boat and it’s too late to try and catch up.

Such was the case with me and Tannhauser...

I’ve never managed to get a game in of this, and people just don’t have spare copies lying around to have a look through, but I’ve always like alternative world war things, particularly those with a slight angle towards strange creatures and interesting settings.  I also liked the look of the board and the idea that lines of sight were governed by the levels that the characters were on, which was marked out by an innovative colour coding method so you had to study the board carefully when making your moves. 

Then of course, I liked the characters, not quite steampunk, not dieselpunk, but an interesting blend of the styles, with other things in the mix that defied common description.  The game looks like Guillermo Del Toro decided to make a board game and this is what he came up with, if Hellboy had shown up in the expansions, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

But the interest in it wasn’t there, and fantasy flight have never been one to keep pressing something when the interest has gone, so it’s no longer available unless you’re willing to part with large amounts of money for even the basic set, and for a game that I’ve never played, I’m just not willing to take the risk.

However, I’m willing to be convinced that I should...

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