Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 11 - Weirdest RPG I own - The Whole Hole

Now I know that in the grander scheme of the world, there are games like Wraithu and FATAL out there, and while they are weirder than todays game, they’re not games I own and they’re never likely to be games that I own, and as such, disqualify themselves from the running.

So with great cheer that I’m not putting up either of those games, I present The Whole Hole…

Now it has to be said with a title like that, you have to wonder if there’s some sort of parallel between the two aforementioned games and this one, and in truth…

There probably is L

I picked up this game as an impulse purchase at Expo this year, it was a quid in the bring and buy and it was colourful and curious with full colour all the way through, what’s the worst that could happen…?

The book is a guide to Mutha Oith (say it out loud, you’ll get it…), and in particular, the region of that planet called Keister Island…

The observant of you may already have figured out where this is going, but bear with me a while longer, if only for the sake of finding out just how much work was put into this.  The system used is Savage worlds, so it can be picked up by anyone with ease,  and doesn’t take much to start.  The problem with the world is that you feel compelled to read all of it before you start playing, and while some of it is laugh out loud funny (Temple of Smellemental Evil anyone?), some of it does skirt the edge of the bowl with regards to how close it comes to being scatty.

Putting aside the concept that you’re on a world that’s the a*** of some gigantic creature (that’d be Mutha Oith), there’s a ton of work gone into the place descriptions, colourful (usually brown and green, with occasional red…) characters and the world in general.  There’s a tiny section involving the sort of characters you could put in the game and what they might do when they get there, but when I say tiny, it’s an A5 book with 222 pages.

There are ten pages of rules…

While the setting may have been written as a bit of a joke, and it’ll certainly never hit mainstream (no pun intended), it makes for an amusing read for those times when everyone’s being all serious about their gaming, the creature section alone is worth the price paid, with creatures ranging from “Some kind of pink worm like thing with teeth on its face” (that’s the name on the creature description) to the Spitting Image (which goes around licking things and then absorbing their identities via the use of a magic picture frame) and the Time Flies, which may or may not be real depending on how you see them.

The artwork is interesting…

I mean that…

And on the whole, while I can’t imagine anyone ever managing to run a game out of the setting, I thought the same about FATAL (and I’ve run that), Wraithu (and I’ve run that), and even Cyborg Commando (although that collapsed before the first game ended), so it’s possible that someone out there might be able to run a game of this, so if there’s anyone out there who thinks they can manage it.

Don’t invite me, okay…?

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  1. It's actually a supplement for Low Life, developing the setting; not a stand-alone game.

    But, yeah. The setting is bizarre. Where else can you play intelligent, mutated twinkies?