Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Day 147 - All the last minute things - Required 404250, Achieved 397885

It's always the way, last few days before Expo and everything in the world kicks off.  Strange to think it's come around so fast this time, hardly seems a year since we were doing this last :)

Still, there's going to be a number of posts going on over the next few days, most of them in the mid afternoon to early evening, all of them likely to be about Expo, so if you're not into games, really save yourself the time and block them out :)

The Insurance drags on, but at least, on recorded phone call (Thanks work...) I got them to admit they'll pay all the hire car charges, which is a load off my mind, and means I'm showing up to Expo and making everyone think we're really well off (we're really not....).

And the rest goes well, I'm currently flying an idea about something for Ocean of stars, anyone interested in seeing it?

This is John Dodd, on the edge of the Desolation of Tanis proceeding to Argents Breath, and goodnight England, many light years away...