Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day 142 - And life will not be back on track as fast as I had hoped - Required 390500, Achieved 383853

Because for some reason the people who were happy to settle out of court a short while ago now want to go through insurance...


Not to worry, things will resolve, but it's more messing about before getting the hassle of arguing with insurance types over the fact that they'll undoubtedly offer less than the car was worth and then argue about everything else.

In other news, a week from now it's Expo!

And ten days from now we'll start all over again :)  All is good :) It just means that between now and a week from now I need to build up a 7k advance from being 7k behind now so I've got the words in hand to post :)

Why am I smiling about this.....?

Because despite being rabidly annoyed at the tactics of insurance people (do you know it raises your premium if you even report an incident on your policy, even when it's nothing to do with you and you're declared as no-fault...?), and annoyed at the delaying tactics of those who should be paying out and aren't, I'm refusing to let it get me down, I'm not going to let all this s*** ruin the main event of my year, and I'm going to see loads of you down there, which will be very cheerful :)

So this is John Dodd, Invictus, and Goodnight England, wherever you are....