Sunday, 29 June 2014

Day 180 - A few days from halfway... Required 495000, Achieved 472133

Symbolic milestone in two days, not sure I'm going to make it, but things are at least getting there, the weight of things removed in the last few days has helped significantly when it comes to getting back in the right frame of mind...

And if I can suddenly write 20k plus words in a day, all will be even better, i'm sure it can be done...

The hero with a thousand faces continues to inspire and I'm quite cheerful about how much raw material it's letting me work through and generate, of course these still need to be turned into a story, but that's not so much of a problem as I was thinking earlier.

To the story group, something will be coming and that right soon, I needed to get some things done and now that they are, things should be back on track, and there will be a lot more as time moves forwards.

But for now

This is John Dodd in the socialist republic of South Yorkshire and Goodnight England, Wherever you are...

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