Friday, 20 June 2014

Day 171 - And almost no words done today, but a few thanks to give out - Required 470250, Achieved 451277

In the first instance, to Carol Tierney, who was more than helpful with a number of things to do with the insurance, and then to Nina James at Amlin Insurance, for seeing that I was actually trying to be reasonable and for doing her best to be reasonable in return. Ladies, to both of you my thanks.

Insurance has been resolved, reasonable figure has been met, and as a result went out today to try and find a new car before the hire car has to go back, spent three hours trolling around bradford to find that one of the cars on the website had been sold (despite being told it was still there), and one of the cars had alloys that were so corroded you couldn't tell where the wheel ended and the slime began, a gearbox that crunched even when you weren't driving it around, and suspension that had been lowered even more than the car already had (and it's a Celica, so it's pretty low already...), so we went back to the other dealer to find that the entrance had been blocked by an idiot salesman and we couldn't get in, then got caught in the one way system on the way around and then finally just gave up on it and came home.

But while at home, had good dinner with family (anything involving 1.5 kg of fresh beef and 1 kg of perfect fluffy dumplings has no fail in it...), only got the review done this morning, but at least the insurance will no longer be causing me the stress it has been doing...

And as such, maybe the wordcount will start to recover rather than just holding position...

Still, presuming I beat this, and I have no intention of failing, I plan to hold a party at some point to celebrate, anyone interested?

This is John Dodd, in the socialist republic of South Yorkshire, and Goodnight England, wherever you are...

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