Friday, 7 October 2016

Dragonmeet Games and Seminars, more helpers needed for cons, Airecon, Longcon, and why I've not been around more...

First and foremost, I've listed several of the games that have been put forwards for Dragonmeet, I'm waiting on a whole bunch more for clarifications before I put them up, and I haven't listed the club games yet, but they will be going up in the next week or so.

Listings can be found at

I'm finalising most of the seminars this week so people can start planning their day, but I'm still looking for more GMs, and I'm certainly looking for more volunteers and people to help with the show, and as we've had in years previous, everyone wants to come along, but far less seem to volunteer than at other shows I do.

Not sure why that is to be honest.

So, in the hopes of getting the people we need to help on the day, those volunteering to GM or to help on the day will get early access to the booking system and to the sign up boards on the day, as our way of saying thanks for helping, drink and snack on the day as well as free entrance comes as standard, but this way there's a distinct perk for helping us to make the day better.

We're also putting games together for Airecon in a few weeks, and we're still looking for more people for that as well, we'll be running a number of drop in games, but more GM's in particular would be appreciated.  Full details are available at

Finally, Longcon, provisional date for next year is going to be the 8th and 9th of July again, will finalise that in the next week, but put the date in the calender, because it'll be within a week of that either way and I suspect this years going to be very popular.

As for myself, well, things of recent have not been the best they could have been, lot of work going on behind the scenes have meant that my social media profile has dropped significantly, so rather than telling people that I'm doing things, I've just been doing things.  All well and good, but sometimes you need to tell the world what you're up to as well.

A few weeks back I mentioned that Sue Wilson, my excellent friend of many years, had pancreatic cancer, well, she went in this morning to have it removed and when they went in, they found out that it had spread to her Liver...


Not untreatable

But Inoperable...

The same diagnosis my mum got earlier this year, different cancers, same situation, so I've spent the day with the Wilson Clan and will likely be doing more of the same in the months to come, more when I can, up for work in six hours...

This is John Dodd in the socialist republic of South Yorkshire and Goodnight England, Wherever you are...