Friday, 19 August 2016

Convention Support Required - Bradford, England, 21-22nd October 2016

Airecon is not one that I've been to before, but it's been running for a while, which is why I'm throwing support behind it now, because I think that it's one of those cons that's nearly at the tipping point, things are going well, but with a little support from the community in general, they'll be going great...

So here it is, full details of the convention behind the cut, but for the purposes of this post, they're looking for volunteers to help out over the weekend,

Rewards package is very substantial, and for those wanting to volunteer, go to

Volunteering is done in 2 hour slots, with the minimum commitment being 2 slots (4-hours), but the more that is done, the more rewards!
The rewards are;
2 slots - Entry to one day and AireCup (gives free refills on hot drinks)
3 slots - Entry to both days, T-shirt and AireCup
4 slots - Entry to both days, Personalised T-shirt, AireCup and 1 meal voucher
5 slots - Entry to both days, Personalised T-shirt, AireCup and 2 meal vouchers
6 slots - Entry to both days, Personalised T-shirt, AireCup and 3 meal vouchers
7+ slots - Entry to both days, Personalised T-shirt, AireCup, 4 meal vouchers and a high five
Meal vouchers can be exchanged for a meal deal at the Panini Bar (which also serves burgers and hot dogs) or for a proper Bradford Curry on Saturday night.

And now the Blurb

AireCon is an open board game event in Yorkshire.

Now in it's second year, AireCon started in Guiseley, Leeds (in the Aire Valley) and has now 

moved to bigger and better premesis in Bradford.______________________

Dates & times 

It's 21-22 October
Friday 11am-midnight
Sat - 10am - 11.30pm
£8.50 for one day
£15 for both

Jubilee Centre, Jermyn St, Bradford BD1 4EJ

Free parking

Disabled access and toilets______________________


Massive Board Game Library - Travelling Man are providing their OPS Board Game library for the event, the games are available to borrow, just leave a £10 returnable deposit and borrow as many games as you like through the weekend.

If you are interested in running an event or a longer game, we may be able to provide a space for that, please contact us on aireconuk@gmail.com______________________

Food and drink

Saturday night curry - Just add the curry ticket on to your purchase to get a curry on 

Saturday night (served 6-8pm), just £8 for a huge portion of veggie/chicken curry with rice, 

naan and a samosa.

Snacks and soft drinks will be available to purchase throughout the event.

There are plenty of food outlets at the nearby Broadway Shopping Centre as well as a 


You can also bring your own food, drink and alcohol.______________________

There are lots of hotels near the venue, here are the closest and cheapest;The Bradford Hotel: Inn: Inn Express: Midland:


If you are interested in voluntering at the event, please contact us with your email and mobile phone number at: aireconuk@gmail.com______________________



FB page:

Event page: