Thursday, 7 May 2015

Expo Awards Day 6 - Hellfrost Rassilon expansion 2

It wouldn’t be the awards without a submission from Triple Ace, and this year is no different.  This time it’s the second expansion for the Hellfrost setting.

 It’s not a massive book, totalling around a hundred and twenty pages, made up primarily of new organisations and new creatures for the players to deal with. There’s a short section for the players detailing new Hindrances, Gear, backgrounds and spells, but it takes up around 10% of the book, with the rest of it being things to help the GM’s out.

Production values are good, well laid out and presented in a fashion that even if you’re not using Savage worlds, you can still get something out of the material as it is.  The organisations are interesting (particular favourites being the Thirteen warriors) and have enough information to make them interesting without going into over explaining.  The Bestiary is the last third of the book and contains everything from Big Dogs to an interesting section on all the different Golems that characters might encounter.

There’s a reasonable amount of artwork in the book and all of it is relevant to the section that it’s in. Beyond the cover, everything is black and white, but it’s good quality artwork and enough to keep the book from being walls of text. 

Given that the book is an expansion, it’s difficult to put a mark on how useful it is for the game, but the quantity and quality of material in here is sufficient that all judges could see that it would be a good source of ideas for any game they ran.

And with that, on to the Judges comments

Any book with Demonic Excrementals and the thirteenth warrior can’t be a bad thing...

It’s a good concise book with plenty to keep both GMs and Players busy but I’d like to have seen more of it...

Liked the mythical north feel to the book, very much has the feel of an undiscovered country to it...